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Family Member History Page 2

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Schwindt book info, page 2

Alma and Walter Bohn family--continued:


Randall and Marcia Bohn Brian Bohn-Valpraiso Univ.

Kouts, Indianna Tim and Lisa Young-Kouts, In.

Amber and Ed Smith-Kouts, In.

Sierra and Cody-Great grandchildren

Sandra (Bohn) Bolin and Mike Bolin Jeremy Bolin

Nashville, Tennessee David Bolin Nashville, Tennessee

Lyle Bohn

Jacksonville, Florida

Steve Bohn Elizabeth Bohn Natalie Bohn Stephanie Bohn

Valpraiso, Indianna Valpraiso, Indianna

Nancy Bohn Sara Guzik--Harmony, Florida

Harmony, Florida Sadie Guzik--Harmony, Florida

II. SON: Alexander Schwindt, Born: March 25, 1909 in Komachin, Russia

Died: June 3, 1976

SPOUSE: Lydia (Rath) Born: February 28, 1918 Died: September 10, 2004

MARRIED: November 26, 1931

When Alexander was young and after his mother passed away, he wanted a

chocolate cake and decided to make one using a huge amount of soda. When it

exploded in the oven, he never tried it again!

He and Lydia worked very hard raising their 8 children. Besides working on the

railroad, for extra money he'd go trapping in the winter until wee hours of the morning

--snowing or not. At night, he'd tan the hides in the bunkhouse. Before getting married,

he enjoyed boxing in different towns. He loved a good boxing match--either listening to

them on the radio or watching them on T.V. Alexander enjoyed "jigging" and playing the

harmonica. ("Jigging" is like tap dancing without the taps.) He learned from gypsies

when he was out working on his own. His children's fondest memories are of all of them

gathered together singing, playing the guitar and harmonica while their dad jigged to

"Turkey In The Straw". They were their own entertainment and their neighbors, too!

(Alex and Lydia had 9 children--1 deceased):

1.--Son: Arley Schwindt, Born: May 19, 1932 in Tuttle, North Dakota SPOUSE: Alvina, Born:

Dec. 20, 1929 MARRIED: November 26, 1952

503 6th St. N.E., Mandan, N. Dakota 5844 (701)663-9184

Arley and Alvina have 6 children and 1 great-grandchild.


--Kathy (Schwindt) Allen (Born: 7/20/52)

--Barbara (Schwindt) Hawley (Born: 12/11/53) 1.Ryan Hawley(11/1/77) & Jessica(8/10/78)

SPOUSE: Spencer(Born:4/18/53) 2.Shari(Hawley)Marucut(9/23/78) &

MARRIED: 4/6/89 J.R.(7/10/78)

3.Jay Hawley(6/19/81) & Cami (10/6/83)

a. Kaila Rose Hawley(10/19/2005)

4.Aaron Hawley(2/25/82)

Larry Schwindt (Born: 5/31/56)

Steve Schwindt (Born: 5/16/57)

Jeffrey Schwindt (Born: 12/20/59)

Jim Schwindt (Born: 4/16/64)