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Information Regarding Wilhelmina Schwindt and Marie Schwindt

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If anyone has more information about Wilhelmina, I would appreciate knowing more about her.  It was so unfortunate that my mother couldn't tell us more, because Grandma Wilhelmina passed away when mother was so young...very sad.



Reinhardt, Wilhelmina, and their children lived in a house that was partial dug-out,

with adobe sides above ground level. The roof was frame, covered with tar paper and

dirt. (This house was still in use by the Schwindt family in 1928.)

Wilhelmina was 41 years old when she passed away after giving birth to Gideon.

Her children, of course, were heart-broken. Reinhardt, Alexander, and Marie were

teenagers, and Martha was approaching her teen years--just when a mother is needed

the most, sometimes.

During a private conversation years later, Alexander spoke to Shirley, his daughter,

about his feelings, and with much emotion stressed how much they all missed their

mother. At their ages, they suddenly became adults and had to pitch in to care for

the younger ones. Their mother had been very loving, patient, and mild-mannered.

Many have commented about"the photo of the five children" and how neatly dressed

they were--the girls with bows in their hair, and you know the clothes weren't


It had to have taken forever to button those clothes and lace those boots and shoes!

(Makes a person wonder how she ever found time to sew?)



Mother and Grandmother, Marie (or Maria, as she signed legal papers) had been

married and divorced with 3 children when she married Grandfather Reinhardt Schwindt.

Her three children: Magdelina, Peter, and Art had an instant large family. What a

coincidence that Magdelina would go on to marry Reinhardt Schwindt (her step-brother),

and Peter would go on to marry Caroline Schwindt (his step-sister).

Grandfather Reinhardt and Marie went on to have a daughter of their own. Her name

was Rosina--a beautiful half-sister! Marie was 41 years old at the time

Marie (Huber-Ritter) Schwindt was born June 24, 1888 and passed away August 5, 1947

at the age of 59. Her daughter, Rosina, was only 18 years old--once again, too young to be

losing her mother.

Pauline (Ritter) Abaar was 7 years old when Marie died and remembers when she

stayed with them for awhile and her mother, Caroline, took care of her.

Eventually, she was moved to the hospital and then to the rest home where Grandfather

Reinhardt worked as a boiler man. She fondly remembers going with Twila Schwindt

to play the organ and sing for her.

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